A calm and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant restlessness that comes with it.

– Albert Einstein, Tokyo, 1922

Book Resources

These are some of the books that I found most helpful:

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  • Mr. Money Mustache–The Evangelist for Early Retirement Himself — If anyone can get you excited about personal finance, MMM can! (A word of caution when reading MMM, unlike MMM I believe it’s prudent to account for (1) the need to budget for a high-deductible healthcare plan plus the annual out of pocket maximum expenses, and (2)  the fact that the “4% rule” works for normal retirees but a more conservative 3.25% safe withdrawal rate is wise for those expecting a retirement for longer than 30 years.) I think Mr. Money Mustache is a great launching point for those starting out on the Path to Financial Freedom. 

  • J.L. Collins Stock Series – A must read!

  • The Mad FIentist – One of the best for learning how to optimize your path to FI. His podcasts are a treasure trove for those wanting to learn about Personal Finance and Early Retirement.

  • Early Retirement Now Safe Withdrawal Series – Argues persuasively for Early Retirees to use a 3.25% “safe” withdrawal rate instead of the normal 4% rate.

  • J. D. Roth: Financial Philosophy – loads of resources and wisdom here! 

  • Our Next Life: One of the best resources for Healthcare for Early Retirees (All my Financial Freedom numbers have accounted for a high-deductible healthcare plan plus the annual out of pocket maximum expenses–for anyone who has dealt with long-term health concerns, they can appreciate the paramount necessity of addressing this real cost). See Big ERN on this matter as well.

  • Go Curry Cracker — Is a genius when it comes to legal tax avoidance for those who have found Financial Freedom. His post on Never Paying Taxes Again is an excellent resource on how living a modest lifestyle really does pay in tax-free money!


Video Resources

The Financial Bishop
Personal Finance for the Real World