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3 years

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Keys to the "FI" Kingdom

Key 1 - believe you can change your story

The first step towards meaningful change is to believe your story can be different. It might not be easy–Change is hard, and it can be uncomfortable at times, but most “Worth While” things in life require such momentary discomfort. Temporary discomfort is worth a lifetime of freedom.

Key 2 - Track Spending & Develop A spending plan

It’s one of Life’s necessary evils that in order to achieve Financial Freedom you must track your spending AND give every dollar a home before it’s  spent in real life. The whole game is won or lost with this two sided key. Without this key you will always spend more money than intended, which leaves you less money to invest towards your Financial Freedom goal.

Key 3 & 4 - Discover your "FI" Number & achieve your goals

“Target Acquired” — Once you know how much you spend, you can easily calculate how much you need for Financial Freedom. Now, it’s a matter of executing what you can do today to achieve your goals.